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Written Health Guarantee

The All American Companion

Highland Kennels does NOT provide a health guarantee. If you put down a deposit for a puppy, you're indicating that you agree to these terms!

Buyer agreement must be signed by client "Accepting Full Responsibility Of Your Puppy or Puppies" and you must check your puppy or puppies into your licensed veterinarian within three to five business days.

The seller assumes no responsiblity for your dog once you take the puppy from the premises for any and all circumstances, i.e. medical expense, mortality, landlord's disapproval, allergic reaction to the dog, disagreements with family, behavioral-training difficulties, accidental poisoning or trauma, re-growth of dewclaws or for any other reasons. No monetary refund will be given. Once you leave with a puppy, you accept full responsiblilty, just like adopting a child. If you need help in relocating the puppy, please call for assistance.

Highland Kennels reserves the right to name all puppies on AKC Registration papers with the prefix "HIGHLAND'S, then the name of your puppy. Your AKC paperwork will be marked for LIMITED Registration. We also retain the right to refuse your deposit upon any incompatible circumstances.

Puppies that are left here on our property for any reason will result in a $20.00 a day boarding fee (no exceptions) and any remaining balance due must be paid before you can take your puppy home. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 330-644-4899

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