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Tango Rae

Born 10/04/2007

OFA Hips (Prelims)/Excellent
OFA Elbows/ Normal

Tango is our Fox Red (yellow) English girl, who is a total tom boy.  When one looks at her they think she is a male.  She has a very strong muscular appearance, beautiful English looking head and very dark, thick Fox Red coat.  She has a full tank of energy and a never ending reserve.  She is very loyal, obedient, playful and always desires to be by my side.  She truly loves working in the field and to swim in the lakes near by and for a female she can really get some air!  I tease her by saying she is our WWF wrestler, the girl can jump around like a flying squirrel!  Then she winds down by licking you like crazy, cause she's just so happy. She is a treat to have in our presence!
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