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Marilyn Monroe (Juno)

Born 01/23/2010

OFA Hips (Prelims)/Fair
OFA Elbows (Prelims)/ Normal
Eye Cerf #LR-56467-20/0-3 Clear
DNA # V598447


Introducing one of our Fox Red females, Miss Marilyn Monroe, call name "Juno".  She's definitely got it going on, and everyone knows it!  Juno is sweet and sensitive, yet very determined and fearless.  Her nose is quite talented as she investigates her surroundings.  She is very driven for your affection as she drops to your feet and turns belly up.  Juno is very intense when it comes to retrieving and when she is in the house, she loves to help with the laundry.  She is also very entertaining as she walks with you, she must always have a piece of your clothing in her mouth, it's like she can't hold your hand so she holds the bottom of your shirt or coat.
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