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Torch Lokelani

Born 07/27/2008

OFA Hips (Prelim)/Excellent
OFA Elbows (Prelim)/ Normal
Eye Cerf #56469/2010-21 Clear


Isaiah 12:4-5
Torch is another of our Fox Red (yellow) English females. Forget the food, all she hungers for is your lovin!  I call her "Honey Bear", cause she's absolutely the most gentle, affectionate and playful puppy out of the bunch.  Torch is very driven to please you and is extremely obedient.  She has quickly become many of our friends favorite dog here at Highland.  We already have requests for her puppies when she becomes of age to breed!  What else can I say, we are all impressed by her that's for sure.  She is simply sweeter than sugar on sugar!
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